Diageo Indonesia Introduces Global Drink Positive 2.0 Campaign

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Diageo Indonesia Introduces Global Drink Positive 2.0 Campaign

Drink Positive 2.0 promotes responsible drinking and prevents misuse of alcohol beverages.

Diageo Indonesia introduces Drink Positive 2.0, a campaign to promote moderation and tackling misuse of alcohol beverages. This campaign was introduced at the Whisky Live Jakarta 2018 event, held in Jakarta on 3-4 November 2018 at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski. Drink Positive 2.0 will be launched worldwide on Monday November 5, 2018.

"Drink Positive 2.0 is a global campaign from Diageo that promotes responsible drinking when enjoying alcohol beverages. This campaign will be launched globally on Monday November 5, 2018. As a company that markets the world's leading alcohol beverage brands, educating and informing about responsible consumption is Diageo's commitment," Dendy A. Borman, Corporate Relations Director Diageo Indonesia says in a press release.

Whisky Live Jakarta 2018 was a great opportunity for Diageo Indonesia to introduce Drink Positive 2.0 campaign, to emphasize the importance of drinking alcohol beverages responsibly. The Whisky Live Jakarta 2018 event was attended by various brands of whisky beverages and attended by thousands of Indonesian whisky enthusiasts. Education and socialization of responsible drinking has been the agenda of Diageo Indonesia since several years ago. Through Drink Positive 2.0 campaign, Diageo Indonesia continued its efforts in the field of education and outreach prevention of underage alcohol beverages consumption and misuse of alcohol beverages, which involved various stakeholders. Global education and outreach to prevent underage drinking is done through the SMASHED program, which was also held in Indonesia and managed to reach hundreds of middle school students.

"We go to middle schools to run the SMASHED program and bring messages about bullying and the danger of underage alcohol consumption. The SMASHED program is packaged in a drama telling about the pressures commonly experienced by teenagers in the middle of the peer group, including the issue of consumption of alcohol beverages. Diageo Indonesia collaborates with Komunitas Dongeng to package this drama so that it is interesting for students to listen to," Dendy explains. As for the steps to educate and socialize the dangers of alcohol beverages misuse, Diageo Indonesia collaborates with various communities in various discussion and training forums.

During the Whisky Live Jakarta 2018, Diageo Indonesia held talks and invited the Indonesia Whisky Research Society and Asosiasi Pengusaha Indonesia (APINDO) as speakers. Andrew Soetiono, CEO of the Indonesia Whisky Research Society as well as the organizer of Whisky Live Jakarta 2018 and Danang Girindrawardana as Executive Director of the Asosiasi Pengusaha Indonesia (APINDO) with Dendy A. Borman - Corporate Relations Director of Diageo Indonesia discuss the spirit of responsibly managing the communities. This discussion also fosters understanding of responsible drinking and its implementation among consumers over the age of 21 together with community of whisky lovers, as well as ensuring responsible sales from retailers.

With the support of APINDO, it is expected that the management of distribution and sale of alcohol beverages can be more organized and comply with existing regulations. Globally, Diageo is targeting the Drink Positive 2.0 campaign so that it can involve 1 million consumers together to reduce the misuse of alcohol beverages. Diageo also hopes to reach 1 billion people around the world to have more knowledge about alcohol beverages and change attitudes towards alcohol for the better. For this reason, Diageo Indonesia presents a special booth at the Whisky Live Jakarta 2018 event where visitors can get interesting and useful information about alcohol beverages. The booth also featues the DRINKiQ quiz that contains information about preventive measures before consuming alcohol beverages, caloric content in alcohol and actions that need to be taken to prevent over-impact after consuming alcohol.

"At the Diageo Indonesia booth at Whisky Live Jakarta 2018, we present a DRINKiQ quiz where visitors can participate and add knowledge about interesting alcohol beverages," Dendy concludes. 

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