Heritage Drive: Lamborghini Club Indonesia Bull Run Central Java Tour 2018

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Heritage Drive: Lamborghini Club Indonesia Bull Run Central Java Tour 2018

Lamborghini Club Indonesia held its annual Bull Run driving event this year in three cities in Central Java, namely Semarang, Solo, and Yogyakarta. With a total of 29 cars from various models, such as Murcielago, Aventador, to some of the latest Huracan Performante, the event was attended by more than 40 members of the club and was supported by Lamborghini Jakarta, Roger Dubuis, and Prestige Motorcars among others. The group started the tour from Semarang, where the members had lunch and rendezvous with their cars that had been towed from various city such as Jakarta and Bandung. The raging bulls then drove to the historic Sites, Sam Poo Kong temple in Semarang and the majestic Borobubur temple in Yogyakarta. The group also attended a wedding of one of its members in Solo and able to donate a charity with a total of Rp 200 million.

“The drive is to foster the friendship between the members, if there a wedding of a member then we will do our best to come” Yuswo Tirto Widjojo, the president of the Lamborghini Club Indonesia says.

According to Yuswo, Central Java was chosen as the destination of the tour was mainly because there is a wedding of one the club members in Solo aside from being able to enjoy some scenic views and historic places. The wedding also recorded a record for the largest number of supercars ever attended a wedding in Indonesia with a total of 62 cars from various brands. The Lamborghini Club Indonesia members at the event came from various cities, while mainly come from the capital city of Jakarta, there are members that came from Bandung and Medan. Most of the members are successful entrepreneurs that came from various background and industries.

The first stop in Semarang was a historic temple, the Sam Poo Kong Temple that has centuries old heritage tracing back to the Admiral Cheng Ho. The members were entertained by Barongsai dancers and guided around the temple before doing a group photo with the beautiful temple as the background. The group then continued the tour to Solo where it enjoyed and spend a night at the most luxurious hotel in Solo, the Alila Solo.

The next day the group visited the reception of a wedding at the Diamond Solo Convention Center, where the group joined other sportscar and super car clubs at the event. The combined cars at the event made the wedding recorded in the Indonesian Museum of Records (MURI) as the largest number of supercars in a wedding. After the wedding the group drove to the Borobudur Temple in Yogyakarta, where the group gave a charity to an orphanage and later enjoyed the majestic temple that is one of the wonders of the world.

The group then spend the night at the Hotel Tentrem in Yogyakarta. At the hotel the group held a gala dinner where it also manages to pull off a charity auction, where the main entertainer of the night, the popular Dangdut singer Ayu Ting Ting auctioned a song and able to raise Rp 150 million that make the total charity reached Rp 200 million during the event. One the sponsor, luxury watch maker Roger Dubuis also showcased its newest collection including the Rp 3.4 billion Roger Dubuis Excalibur Aventador S limited edition watch. Rudy Salim, president director of Prestige Image Motorcars as one of the sponsor of the event was pleased to see the tour went smoothly, “I’m pleased to experience such a pleasant friendship during the event and we are proud able to support this drive,” Rudy says.

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