Mercedes-Benz Maintained Premium Automobile Leadership in Indonesia with a 12% Sales Increase Last Year

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Mercedes-Benz Maintained Premium Automobile Leadership in Indonesia with a 12% Sales Increase Last Year
Roelof Lamberts, President and CEO of PT Mercedes-Benz Distribution Indonesia

Mercedes-Benz maintained its leadership in the premium automobile segment by recording a sale of 3,859 units last year that consisted of new and certified used, an increase of 12% compared to the previous year of 3,386 units and it is a growth that outpaced the industry-average for the segment. On second place BMW Group Indonesia that consisted of BMW and MINI recorded a sale of 3,394 units last year, a flat growth as it recorded 3,353 units the previous year. The three-pointed star growth was driven by the success of its compact luxury sedan, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class that contributed a share of 25% of total sales and the E-Class (+22%). Overall, the SUVs and the S-Class were able to generate significant sales increase in 2018.

“In 2018, Mercedes-Benz was again at the top of the premium segment in the automotive industry; not only in the world but also in Indonesia. In a highly competitive environment, we also remained at the top from January to December, thanks to the success of the C-Class, E-Class and the SUVs that have delighted both existing and new customers. We will continue rejuvenating our product portfolio in 2019,” Roelof Lamberts, President and CEO of PT Mercedes-Benz Distribution Indonesia says.

With a share of 77%, the locally-assembled Mercedes-Benz vehicles significantly contributed to the sales success in 2018. Compared to 2017, 25% more vehicles were assembled locally at the PT Mercedes-Benz Indonesia plant in Wanaherang, Bogor, West Java. Currently, the new C-Class, E-Class and S-Class sedans as well as the GLC, GLE and GLS SUVs are assembled at the Mercedes-Benz Indonesia plant with an area of 42 ha.

“With more than 3,800 vehicles delivered by Mercedes-Benz in 2018, we surpassed our own sales record. In addition, despite a challenging year, we maintained our position at the top of the premium segment. The excitement for our models and the loyalty of our customers spurs us on to continue giving the best in 2019,” Kariyanto Hardjosoemarto, Deputy Director Sales Operations and Product Management, PT Mercedes-Benz Distribution Indonesia says.

The C-Class was again the highest-volume Mercedes-Benz models in the year of the model upgrade. More than 900 units of the locally-assembled C 200 and C 300 models were sold last year. Overall, every fourth Mercedes-Benz sold in Indonesia is a C-Class. From this month, the new C 200 EQ Boost and the new C 300 AMG Line are available for sales at the authorized dealerships.

The brand’s mid-size luxury sedan, the E-Class also contributed a significant share where from January to December, 887 units of the E-Class were delivered to customers. In the second full year of sales of the new generation, an increase of 22% was achieved. The E-Class portfolio consisting of the E 200, E 250 and E 300 models were received very positively by customers since the start of its local assembly in March 2017. The flagship model, Mercedes-Benz S-Class also continued to enjoy great popularity in 2018 with 286 units of the S 450 L were sold in 2018 that is an increase of 116% compared to the previous year.

Mercedes-Benz also able to maintain its growth in the SUV segment with a growth rate of 18%. This segment now accounts for more than a third of all Mercedes-Benz sales (35%). The best-selling SUVs last year were the GLC and the GLA. The success story of off-road vehicles aimed to continue in 2019 - the 40th anniversary year of the G-Class - by the introduction of new SUV models.

“In recent months, the strong growth of the E-Class and the SUVs has contributed highly to our sales success. With the new A-Class with its high-calibre innovations such as MBUX or Mercedes-Benz User Experience, we will continue to offer novelties in the market. In 2019, more than 10 new Mercedes-Benz models will inspire our customers – not only in the compact car segment, but also in other segments,” Kariyanto adds.

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