Sasa to the World Song is Cheering Up Global Citizen Amid Challenging Times

3 months ago . 2 min read
Sasa to the World Song is Cheering Up Global Citizen Amid Challenging Times

Trusted Food and Seasoning company from Indonesia, PT Sasa Inti is fostering optimism amid the pandemic by launching Sasa to the World Song for Global Citizens. A contribution for Indonesia and beyond, Sasa Melezatkan! Is a global Corporate Social Responsibility campaign of Sasa that invites the world to rise from the pandemic and continue to be positive thinking that no matter how hard it is to face the current COVID-19 pandemic, we need to maintain our optimism.

"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence, that's how it was said by Helen Keller in her statement,” DR. Rudolf Tjandra, CEO of PT. Sasa Inti says.

It has been one year since the first case of Covid-19 was announced in Indonesia by President Joko Widodo. Various efforts have been made by the government to reduce the rate of transmission through various restrictions and resolve this pandemic.

Not only in Indonesia, but various countries and citizens of the world are also working together to restore the economy that was affected by the pandemic that has not been finished.

"Sasa is about happiness, about hope. The pandemic has taken some of that happiness away, and hope is turning into surrender. We believe human beings are resilient, resourceful, and able to beat all odds. If only we do it together across nationalities, genders, races, religions. We can beat this. There is a rainbow after the heaviest rain. Every cloud has a silver lining. Sasa is the part of the world and the world is Sasa. As leading food and seasoning company from Indonesia this is our most heartfelt contribution to every one of us. Good Speed #HappinessIsSasa ,” Rudolf says.

In the future, PT. Sasa Inti also invites the people to be able to see this pandemic as a challenge that must be resolved, such as Sasa's commitment to contribute to one noble goal, namely adding and strengthening Sasa products with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that can still maintain their contents even though they have passed. the cooking process for Indonesia and the world.

This is a precursor to seeing this pandemic, not as a problem that makes us rush to raise our hands, give up and lose. We need to highly appreciate those who still maintain their optimism by continuing to struggle, making endeavors, according to the capabilities of their respective fields.

Founded by Rodamas in 1968, PT Sasa Inti leads the Food and Spices FMCG category by creating various product innovations that are reflected in various variants or product lines of Sasa, starting from Mono Natrium Glutamate (MNG), seasoning flour, instant seasonings, flavoring broths, flavorings, a range of sauces, and coconut milk.

The operational activities of PT Sasa Inti are supported by 2 factories located in Probolinggo and Cikarang and headquartered in Jakarta. PT Sasa Inti is supported by more than 120Teams Front Liner spread across the archipelago so that they can be closer to their loyal customers and get accurate information about what consumers need.