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Forward Looking
Forbes Indonesia talks with representatives of international chamber of commerce on investment climate.Foreign direct investment (FDI) realization continues its downward
Ester Christine Natalia 6 months ago . 8 min read
On the Mat with Martin Hartono
Forbes Indonesia talks with Martin on how he take the values in martial arts in business and daily life.
Ardian Wibisono 8 months ago . 3 min read
Building Bridges
Berlin is making the first step to bridge opportunities with Asia, creating the first intercontinental startup ecosystem with wide areas of collaboration for both sides.
Marella Putri 9 months ago . 5 min read
Upgrading Local Talent
Employment is a hot button issue in Indonesia. The issue of unemployment has been a key platform for president Jokowi. His US$300 million effort in upgrading the nation’s infrastructure has seen some success in reducing unemployment figures. In the first quarter of this year, Indonesia reported unemployment rate stood at 5.13%.
Nitesh Chellaram 10 months ago . 3 min read
Weathering Market Volatility
Market volatility is back after a relatively subdued 2017 and emerging markets (EM) have not been spared. A resurgent U.S.
Haryanto Budiman 1 year ago . 3 min read