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Bold Timing
Eurobutik Bangun Indonesia capitalizes on opportunities in independent luxury watches
Marella Putri 6 months ago . 6 min read
The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan Introduces Opulent Optic Collection
Recently the Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan opened a high-tech optical retail called Opulent Optic Collection. Displayed at the hotel’s Gift
Ester Christine Natalia 8 months ago . 1 min read
Food & Drink
Turkish Ramadhan Festivities at Raffles Jakarta
Raffles Jakarta invites guests to its third Annual Turkish Ramadhan, presenting completely authentic Turkish experience with surprises throughout the event.
Marella Putri 8 months ago . 2 min read
Remote(ivate) Yourself
Voted one of the Top 10 co-working spaces on earth by Forbes in 2016, Hubud or 'Hub in Ubud' located in Ubud, Bali, is a co-working space dedicated to finding the balance between work and lifestyle.
Madison Manwaring 11 months ago . 4 min read
Forbes Life
Beachside Wellness Retreat
COMO Uma Canggu blends a perfect balance of wellness and luxury in a hip concept.
Ardian Wibisono 11 months ago . 6 min read
Porsche Indonesia and Burberry Showcase its Heritage Through a Private Soiree
Last November Porsche Indonesia collaborated with Burberry to showcase their customers the heritage of the two brands with a private soiree exclusively held at Porsche Centre Surabaya.
Yessar Rosendar 1 year ago . 2 min read
Fendi Plaza Indonesia Reopens with Revamped Look
Fendi reopens a newly renovated boutique in Plaza Indonesia, the new design is inspired by the Maison’s Roman roots, a
Yessar Rosendar 1 year ago . 1 min read
Forbes Life
Playful Luxury
Hermes’ Eric Festy is optimistic about the Asian market, including Indonesia. Last March, Hermes opened its newly renovated store in
Shintya Felicitas 1 year ago . 4 min read